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Chapter Board Meeting Minutes
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(below are Minutes only)
 12/13/2009  5/1/2011
 5/16/2010  8/28/2011
 9/12/2010  11/13/2011
 11/14/2010  3/25/2012

(below are Minutes and Info related to the meeting)

Date Minutes Info   Date Minutes Info
8/26/2012 X X   11/11/2012 X X
3/24/2013 X X   8/11/2013 X X
11/3/2013 X X   3/23/2014 X X
8/3/2014 X X   11/23/2014 X X
3/22/2015 X X   8/8/2015 X X
11/22/2015 X X   3/20/2016 X  
8/21/2016 X     11/20/2016 X X
3/12/2017 X X   8/13/2017 X X
11/19/2017 X X   3/11/2018 X X
8/5/2018 X X   11/18/2018 X X



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