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Fort Lewis Private Lands
Initiative and
Sustainability Program

Fort Lewis is embarking on a new way of doing things.  As with all new ways, this one is still unproven.  But early indicators are encouraging, such as the Fort Lewis Private Lands Initiative and Sustainability project.  For example, I have watched this discussion unfold (it might have been going on for a while already, I'm just new to the discussion). More recently I have been in touch with various staff from Ft. Lewis and know that they aren't just waiting for the place to return to Nature. This is an active effort to reclaim habitats and endangered species that are either weed infested or which must remain committed to the activities for which military bases are built. The Plant Society has a unique opportunity to support and even help shape this discussion, such that its value could grow and even spread to other bases around the country, if not the world.

The links to files you'll find here is material that covers public meetings held by the Ft. Lewis Sustainability team, in addition to many of the background presentations that help to explain what the program is all about. We hope you'll peruse the breadth of the information and become aware of what's going on, while thinking about how you can most effectively become involved in the discussion and process. Whether you can contribute by providing further public awareness to this project, or by providing input to the Sustainability team, your involvement is important to the process. If you'd like, send us your comments. Our Executive Committee will post the most appropriate items submitted, on this webpage, and will forward all comments to the Ft. Lewis Sustainability team.

We have also posted background information and follow-up information regarding the Cross Base Highway proposal that was soundly rejected by the USEPA in late 2003. Familiarity with this issue is beneficial to future discussions, especially as it pertains to access to the base by interested parties and to preservation of the endangered prairie habitat within its borders. Look also to our events calendar as we aim to lead field trips to this embattled collection of habitats that contain some rather enchanted landscapes.