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The Acorn… a place to spread the word regarding Native Plants and the Habitats in Which They Grow


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We invite members of the Washington Native Plant Society and interested others to post information, photographs, illustrations and articles about native plant related activities, requests for volunteers, native plant recipes, book reviews, plant hike post-scripts and related insights to the South Sound Chapter newsletter, The Acorn. Organizations whose focus is similar in respect to the Washington Native Plant Society, and whose activities and presentations might interest our members are also invited to submit to The Acorn. 

Three issues of The Acorn are distributed by the South Sound Chapter, predominantly to members who do not have electronic access to our activities and related information. The publication is otherwise posted on the South Sound Chapter website for long term reference to regional and chapter program activities and details.  As of January 2004, South Sound Chapter membership stands at approximately 200 individuals, and is growing. Posting of The Acorn is also announced electronically to approximately 425 additional individuals when The Acorn is published to the South Sound Chapter web site. From there, it’s anyone’s guess how far it gets around.

Please refer to the following submission deadlines when determining in which issue you want your information to appear. Exceptions to these deadlines are rare. 


Newsletter submission deadlines: 

Newsletter Season

Submission Deadline

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August 15th

September 15th


December 10th

January 10th


April 1th

May 10th


Although we seek to post information for groups with similar activities, or as many facets of sometimes contentious conservation issues as possible, we reserve the right to not post materials submitted that are deemed non-constructive, inappropriate or offensive to our members. Volunteer editors use liberty to prepare final drafts and edit for effective grammar, as well as clarity and brevity of details. Please submit entries in electronic format to Bill Brookreson.  Be sure to include your name, e-mail address, telephone numbers where you can be reached, and be sure to include the county in which our program operates (especially if similar programs operate in multiple counties).