Eastern Cascades (lower)

Umatanum Ridge
Day hike.  Gain 1000 ft. Round Trip 8 miles
The eastside of this 30 mile ridge is popularized, but the west side is a paradise that will be a great exploration. The drive here even is a flower paradise. The ridge is a long ridge that supports many communities of plants and is the upper reaches of Shrub-Steppe habitat. The west side is more moist also because of its relative closeness to the Cascades.
Directions: Take I-90 to Ellensburg (second exit) Go north on Canyon Road to the first stop light past the main highway area. There is a Subway on the conner. Turn left onto the road, it makes it way over the Yakima River and under I-90 and turns into Umtanum Rd. Take this road up into the hills and you get onto a beautiful plain that will have many flowers blooming. The road drops into Umtanum drainage and becomes Wenas Road. Keep going up through some farms to Ellensburg Pass. Go slow. .5 miles past is a dirt road that is well marked to the right. .5 miles past is another road that is not marked nor is it signed. Park here alongside the road. If you start going down the canyon road you have gone too far. The road is a little trail that turns into a road future up. Take this "road" and this is your trail. Mid May to Mid June.
  Lookout Mountain
Day hike. Gain 1000 ft. Round Trip 8 miles.
Find in 55 hikes in Central Washington. Hike the Southern Slopes for wildflower shows. Donít take the trail mentioned in the book, but find southern canyons and walk up obvious ridges. Late May to late June.
  Three AM Mountain
Day hike. Gain 2500 ft. Round Trip 13 miles.
No guide has this one. This hike is another incredible hike that has many different communities through it. It has stunning views of the Cascades and Twisp area.
Directions: Go to Twisp and take the Twisp River Road to FR 100. Go up past some creeks and at the second large switch back on the road look for a pull off (small) park here and get onto the Canyon Creek Ridge. Hike north and west up. The first part of this hike is probably burned out and may have cows in it. You quickly climb out of that and enter into wonderful country. These trails are not maintained and will involve good map work. Late June to Early July.
  Methow Wildlife Area - Cambell Lake Area
Gain 200 ft. RT. 4miles.
Find in 55 hikes in Central Washington. Late May to late June.
  Sinlahekin Wildlife Area
No Gain. RT. 2 miles.
Find in 55 hikes in Central Washington. Late May to late June.