Eastern Cascades (wilderness)

  Horseshoe Basin
Backpack (easy) 3-7 days. 1000 foot gain.
This areas melts off earlier than any other part of the Cascades and Olympics. It is a mellow trail for 6 miles and then allows for 3 meandering day hikes to wonderful mountain parks. Windy Peak, Topaz Mountain, Armstrong Mountain, Arnold Peak and Horseshoe Mountains are an easy day hike from the Sunny Pass area. This is a special place. You could see moose, wolfs, and Lynx in this country as well as beautiful meadows.
Directions: As always the routes are not easy, but my small family car makes it. From Loomis go north to Toats Coulee Rd. Go West on FR 39 (paved) 11 miles to North Fork Campground and in another 5 miles come to a junction with a narrow, old unnumbered road called “Iron Gate”. It is now 7 rough miles that takes 45 minutes going very slow. Mid July-Late July
  Buckskin Ridge - Pacific Crest Trail Loop
5-7 days with 2 daytrips moderate.
Start at Harts Pass. Late July early Aug.
  Craters - Devil Ridge Loop
5-7 days with 2-3 daytrips moderate
Start at Hwy. 20 and plan on using the boat if you don’t want to walk on the lake. Early Aug.

Chelan Sawtooth Wilderness

  Buttermilk Meadows - Star Lake
Moderate. 4-7 days with daytrips. Mid July.
  Slate Lake
2-4 days with 2 daytrips strenuous climb then easy ramblings.
A 4000 ft gain to a little lake area that begs exploring for a few days. Climb mountains with the gods (Silky Phacelia). Mid July.

Glacier Peak Wilderness

  Buck Creek Pass
Moderate 4-5 days with 3 daytrips
This is my favorite hike in the Glacier Peak area. Day hike to High Pass, Flower Dome and Massey Lake high route. All wonderful and filled with delights. Late July.
  White Pass - Poet Ridge - Blue Lake
Moderate 5-7 days with 3 day trips
Again another special hike in this world. White Pass Glacier Peak style is amazing. Hike White Mountain and the obvious trail traversing east for daytrips. Poet ridge is another beautiful day trip. Early Aug.
  West Cady Ridge
Moderate. 3-7 days with a few daytrips Mid-late July

Alpine Lake Wilderness

  Cathedral Rock (Peggy’s Pond) Deception Pass (Jade Lake) Loop
Moderate. 7 day with 3 daytrips. Early August.
  Lake Mary - Ladies Pass Loop
Strenuous. 5-7 days 3 daytrips. Early August.
  Icicle Creek
Day trip.  Early July
  Tronsen Ridge
Day trip.  Early July

Lake Augusta
Strenuous. 2-5 days could be a loop (Interesting day trip to Tweedy’s Lewisia in Mid June). Late July Early August.

  Ingallas Lake